Become a support member

Oikeudet ilman rajoja ry is an association established in order to support the activity of the Free Movement network. All who support the purposes of the association are welcome to become a member.

The yearly membership fee is 50 euros and 20 euros for those with a limited income. A three year membership is 100 euros, a five year membership is 200 euros, and perpetual membership is 500 euros.

When paying, please add your full name, address and email to the message field. If it’s not possible to both add an index number and a message, use the index number and send us your contact information by email to vapaaliikkuvuus[at]

Associations and communities can also become members. The membership fee for associations without employees and yearly sales under 25 000 euros is 50 euros. The fee is 100 euros for an association with a part-time employee; 150 euros for one with a full-time employee, and 200 euros for associations with several employees or yearly sales over 50 000 euros.

* Account number: Aktia FI03 4055 0010 7993 16

* Index number: 33035

* Message field: Name, address and email.




Support our activity

Oikeudet ilman rajoja ry helps migrants who have landed in a weak position, such as asylum seekers, undocumented and roma migrants. We use the donations either directly for e.g. health care fees, visas and residence permits, as well as for food aid, or to create campaigns for migrants’ rights.

Even small donations are gratefully received. The easiest way to donate is through a money transaction to the account of the association. You can either send a single donation or donate a small sum every month (e.g. 5-50 euros). Please use the index number.

* Account number: Aktia FI03 4055 0010 7993 16

* Index number: 33019


Information about the licence to collect money

Licence admission: The police board, 21.12.2018.

Licence recipient: Oikeudet ilman rajoja ry, Y-tunnus: 2518478-2

Licence number:  RA/2018/1245

Executive time and place: The licence is valid 21.12.2018–30.11.2020 in all of Finland, except for Ahvenanmaa/Åland.