Helsinki City emergency social services drove 22 people requesting emergency accommodation into the freezing night – called the police to remove them from the premises

Press release

23 March 2016


On Tuesday 22th of March, 22 people arrived to the emergency social services to ask for emergency accommodation during the cold weather. The social workers refused to process the request and called the police to remove people from the premises after some four hours of waiting.

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4 reasons why no one should be deported to Iraq


The Finnish Immigration Service is publishing its new security assessment on Iraq on Tuesday 20th October 2015. Finland has until now granted protection for all those coming from central Iraq on grounds of insecure situation in the area. This line is about to be tightened, and new areas in Iraq deemed as ‘safe’. Continue reading

Asylum and work permit info

Note on 24th of March 2016: This information will not be updated. If you have some questions concerning the current situation in Finland, please email us: vapaaliikkuvuus@gmail.com.

13th September 2015


23th September 2015 NOTE: The Finnish media and authorities are spreading misleading information to scare potential asylum seekers away from the country. They are speculating on the possibility to close the border and emphasizing increased checks. This DOES NOT mean that the border is or would be closed. Continue reading

Advice reception is on holiday 17.12.2015 – 5.1.2016. First reception again 6.1.2016


The advice reception will be on holiday 17.12.2015 – 5.1.2016. The last recetion of the year will be on Wednesday 16.12 and the first one in January will be on Wednesday 6.1.2016

Neuvonta on joululomalla 17.12.2015 – 5.1.2016. Viimeinen vastaanotto joulukuussa pidetään 16.12 ja tammikuun ensimmäinen 6.1.2016

Rådgivningen håller jullov 17.12 – 5.1.2016. Den sista rådgivningen i december hålls 16.12 och januaris första 6.1. 2016

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Signal – Writings on the Freedom of Movement


Signal – Writings on the Freedom of Movement is a new bilingual publication on migration issues published by the Free Movement Network. The first issue includes contributions by migrants, activists, artists and researchers on asylum politics, struggles for migrants rights and experiences related to borders and mobility in Finland and elsewhere in Europe.

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